Working Groups and Task Forces

Additional information about each group can be found by following the group's link. To express interest in joining or participating in these groups or to contact group's chair please use the Contact Us page.

Peace Education Working Group
Identifies and promotes application of peace psychology in education at all
Chair: Linden Nelson
Cal Poly State University , San Luis Obispo

Justice for Animals Working Group
The mission of the Justice for Animals Working Group (JAWG) is to be a source of inspiration, education, research, and community for those psychologists working to make the world a more peaceful place by seeking to understand the complexities of human-animal interactions and securing the welfare and rights of animals, our companions on this earth. JAWG members believe that here are strong links between violence to animals and violence to humans.  
Chair: M.L.Corbin Sicoli
Cabrini College

Spirituality and Humanitarian Practices Working Group
Works to identify the values that sustain individuals and societies in their quest for a peaceful and less violent world. The group is interested also in the way
that such values inform the practice of psychologists relevant to peacebuilding and violence prevention.
Chair: Steve Handwerker
The International Association for the Advancement of Human Welfare

Student and Early Career Working Group
This group facilitates communication and action among students and early career members of Division 48. The SEC working group works to facilitate research, funding, and employment opportunities.