Graduate Study in Peace Psychology
and Related fields

Students are increasingly interested in possibilities for graduate training in peace psychology. Although peace psychology programs (by that name) are rare, some political psychology, social psychology, and conflict resolution programs allow a student to create an individualized emphasis in peace psychology.

The Graduate Study in Peace Psychology and Related Fields document contains names and links to forty graduate programs in peace psychology or related fields. Inclusion in the list should not be considered an endorsement of the programs. The programs in the list were chosen for their relevance and the information available at the program's website. If you find broken links or otherwise out-of-date information in the list please Contact Us.

We offer the following advice to anyone who wants to pursue graduate work in peace psychology. Contact psychologists who teach in graduate programs and do research on peace and conflict issues to see if they would consider the possibility of supporting your desire to do a specialization and dissertation in peace psychology. The best strategy might be to skim back issues of relevant journals (e.g., Political PsychologyPeace and ConflictJournal of Conflict Resolution, etc.), as well as books on peace and conflict issues, in order to identify some people who have done research that looks interesting to you. Then, write to those individuals and describe your own interests and objectives. Ask whether they might be in a position to assist you and whether their institutions have graduate programs that would allow you to pursue your interests and goals.

Faculty members who are interested in assisting prospective graduate students or who would like to have their program added to Graduate Study in Peace Psychology and Related Fields should Contact Us.