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In this forum we welcome dialogue with the articles and authors which are published in Peace and Conflict: Journal of Peace Psychology. Peace and Conflict is published by the American Psychological Association and it's relationship with PeacePsychology.org is unique among APA journals. Peace and Conflict and PeacePsychology.org are each publications of APA Division 48: Peace Psychology.

To contribute to the dialogues, review the editorial guidelines and instructions below.

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For contributors to the Dialogues.
These guidelines are intended to make the Dialogues on Peace and Conflict blog a valuable collegial place for discussion of the articles and reviews that appear in Peace and Conflict. There will be no more rules than necessary to achieve that goal. Please note the following guidelines on types of contributions, style and format, and collegiality. All issues that arise out of the Dialogues with Peace and Conflict are open for discussion; however, after discussions, the decisions of the Editor of PeacePsychology.org will prevail.

There are two kinds of contributions to the Dialogues.

  • There can be brief comments on an article or other item in the Journal. Brief comments will be added as "comments" to a blog post describing the article. Brief comments can be up to 300 words in length. Comments should be substantive rather than only evaluative. Evaluative comments should be accompanied by specific references to aspects of the article. Comments can connect the article to your research, teaching, or practice. Comments can also point out weaknesses or strengths of the framing of the topic, design, or interpretation of findings. In all cases please be precise and concise.
  • Longer contributions from 300-700 words can be submitted. These longer contributions will be published as separate blog posts. Submissions longer than 700 words are possible and the Editor of PeacePsycology.org will work with contributors to fashion an appropriate presentation.


To borrow an idea from the late Roger Fisher in Getting to Yes, be hard on the ideas and soft on the people.

Style and format

  • Contributions can be made via the submissions link. This process will ensure that all the necessary information is available to the Editor. Note that contributions which lack required information cannot be submitted via the link.
  • Writing style can be informal and personal. All contributions should use the APA Publication Manual where needed.
  • It is possible, though it is discouraged, for a contributor to withhold his/her name from the published comment, but all contributors must fully identify themselves with accurate information in the submission.
  • The Editor of PeacePsychology.org welcomes questions and suggestions sent via Contact Us.

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