Peace Presentations

Group Think Prevention -- Dan Mayton
This is a course about how to prevent Group Think.  It includes a Booster Shot course to reinforce the original presentation.

Conflict and Violence -- 2009 -- APA Division 48
This is a presentation created by Division 48 that looks at the different kinds of conflicts, how to deal with conflict, and the nature of violence between groups.

Conflict -- Dan Christie
This presentation looks at the different kinds of conflict that people have as well as different ways to solve conflict in a non-violent way.

Understanding and Managing Conflict -- 2005 -- Burn
This presentation focuses on the different types of conflict that people experience and various methods of approaching and managing conflict.

Promoting Academic Learning and Social Responsibility -- 2005 -- Burn & Shand
This presentation is based on various student activism projects.  It lists different kinds of projects and how they fit into a curriculum. 

Peace Psychology Publications and Resources -- 2011 -- Dan Christie
This presentation showcases various resources and research sources that focus on Peace Psychology and teaching non-violence.  This presentation was given at the 2011 APA Annual convention.

Presenting Multiple Perspectives Within a Peace and Nonviolence Course- 2011 - Mayton
A presentation that looks at many different textbooks that focus on Peae Psychology and their authors as well as a presentation on violence vs. nonviolence.