Small Grants Program 2019 — Application and Requirements

The Society for the Study of Peace, Conflict, and Violence: Peace Psychology invites applications for small grants for research in peace psychology, development of peace psychology education programs, or community projects involving the application of peace psychology.

The purpose of this grant program is to foster the development of the field of peace psychology worldwide through research, education, and the application of peace psychology in community projects. For example, a research project might investigate the relationship between interpersonal empathy and attitudes about international conflict resolution; an educational program might involve a series of PowerPoint presentations on peace psychology; and a community project might involve development of a forum for problem solving discussions between community groups with conflicting interests.


• Grants are between $300 and $2,000.

Grant awards may be used for travel (other than to conferences and conventions), staff, clerical assistance, materials, postage, and other budgeted expenses approved by the Small Grants Committee.

Grant funding may not be used for institutional charges for administration of the grant, travel to conferences and conventions, stipends for principal investigators or project directors, or living expenses while conducting the project.

At least half the grants are awarded to graduate students or persons in their early careers (within 5 years after obtaining a terminal degree).

Those who have received a grant within the three-year period as well as members of the Small Grants and Executive Committees are not eligible to apply.

Applications will be accepted through May 15, 2019, with decisions announced July 6, 2019.

How to apply

Send a letter of application with name, address, phone number, e-mail address, and title of proposal to the Small Grants Committee Chairperson: Breeda McGrath (

Attach the grant proposal in Microsoft Word or PDF format, not exceeding 5-7 double-spaced typed pages and including a brief description of the project and a current vita or resume.

Brief description of proposed project

  1. Purpose of proposed project and expected benefits for the target population (where applicable),

  2. Potential contribution of the project to development of the field of peace psychology,

  3. Timeline for initiation, implementation, and completion of the project,

  4. Plan for the evaluation of the project,

  5. Itemized budget for requested amount, and

  6. Qualifications and experience of applicant(s) relevant to the project, identifying if principal applicant is a graduate student or recent graduate.

Include a current curriculum vita or resume.

Evaluation Criteria

When evaluating proposals, the committee will consider the probability that a project will fulfill its specific purpose and the project’s potential for advancing the field of peace psychology within the proposed time frame and budget as stated in the grant proposal.

PDF of the Call of Proposals for the Small Grants Award Program for 2019.

Questions? Contact Small Grants Committee Chairperson Breeda McGrath (